You Don’t Win Friends With Salad… Dinner at Bukowski Grill

Brixton Village

January. A fun-killer of a month when we’re all too miserable anyway due to the lack of vitamin D that we collectively decide to add to our misery by either joining a gym we’ll never go to past February and cutting back on carbs, sugar, wine and fun. I’ve promised myself that yes, the diet starts tomorrow, but I just couldn’t resist a last supper in the form of a burger at Bukowski Grill.

Bukowski Grill

I’m planning a separate blog post on a guide to eating in Brixton but by way of introduction I’m a South East London girl, born and bred, and Brixton is just a hop and a skip away from my flat so it’s a great choice for either a date night or a girly supper with friends.

Bukowski Grill is one of my favourites in Brixton. Arguably you may not want to go if you’re anti ‘dirty food’ (burgers, ribs and chilli cheese fries are the order of the day here) but if you’re in the mood for a damn good burger and a frozen margarita they’re a great choice.


We started with a frozen Cherrybomb for me (vanilla infused cherry juice & bourbon) and a Skrimshander I.P.A for the Mr. In hindsight I probably should have gone for something a little bit more warming given that it was 4 degrees today but I’m a sucker for a sweet and sour cocktail.

There’s a great menu at Bukowski.


Although we were both tempted by ribs, the lust for a burger took over and we both ordered some great choices. The boy went for an Obese Gringo: an overwhelmingly sized two patty burger, with candied bacon, jalapeño mustard, Monterrey Jack cheddar, red onions, lettuce and a smoked pickle. It’s his usual, and he devoured it with gusto.

The Smokey Beast

I opted for the smokiest thing on the menu, the Smokey Beast, which basically smokes every ingredient (albeit not the bun or the beef). A beef burger topped with red onions, smoked pulled pork, Smokey Honey & Chipotle BBQ sauce, smoked gherkins with lettuce and smoked garlic and scotch bonnet mayo. As Bukowski say themselves, “Basically with anything we could smoke in our kitchen…”

It did the job of hitting the spot, without getting that nasty, acrid feeling you can sometimes get when you cook with smoke. You can certainly taste the fact that they smoke the ingredients themselves rather than say using liquid smoke to artificially add the taste in.


Sides, we went for Chilli Cheese Fries, which were deliciously spicy; Tobacco Onions which were salty, smokey strings of delight and the winner by far which was new (to us): ‘Puck Nuggets’. Essentially, ‘puck nuggets’ are just deep fried confit pork and duck with Korean spices and served with with a punchy kimchi remoulade. The remoulade was one of the best things about that meal. I think I’d drink it if I could.

The staff at Bukowski Grill really are lovely, in particular our waiter who was incredibly polite to the table next to ours who were a tad difficult and kept insisting on ordering off menu and having a green salad. In a burger restaurant.

After we’d devoured the lot, we paid up and went to walk it off. It was pretty busy in Brixton village for a Sunday but we ended up making a new friend!


He was a bit too distracted by his bone to say hello, but such a cutie.

After we’d said goodbye to our new friend, we walked down Market Row to catch our bus home. A perfect Sunday afternoon, even if I’ll have to be eating rabbit food for the next week to make up for it! 

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