What a Week! A Rewind of the Last Five Days

A photo collage of the past week's highlights? Sure, why not...1. Wednesday night dinner at Homeslice 

I met Carrie, my chum from university, for dinner so naturally we scoffed a 20″ pizza, and enjoyed wine in a magnum (they measure what you drink, don’t take it as a personal challenge). If you eat one thing, let it be the mushroom, ricotta, pumpkin seed and chilli pizza. Homeslice, please tell me what you drizzled on top because I’m still talking about it. Wow.

2. Thursday evening at the Phene with Humphrey and friends.

I spent a large part of this evening taking selfies with Humphrey, my lovely friend Amelia’s gorgeous Norfolk Terrier. The Phene always makes me feel a little like I’ve gatecrashed Made in Chelsea but with Humph on my lap, and a glass of Fleur de Lys, I was in puppy cuddle heaven.

3. Friday night in with Gone Girl.

After a frankly knackering week, my Friday night consisted of a bath, a glass of wine and Gone Girl. I’ve read the book and loved it so I was always going to like the film. Although I have to admit I was so sleepy I fell asleep halfway, before we got to THAT bit with a certain part of Mr Affleck’s anatomy…

4. Nailin’ It on Saturday morning.

My nails have been looking in pretty shoddy shape this week so I took myself to my local nail salon to get them buffed into shape, and I’m pretty darn happy with the result.

5. Countdown to Mexico…

As of Monday, it’s only five more weeks until the other half and I hit up the sunny shores of Cancun and I CANNOT wait. At the moment it’s so cold outside in London it feels like it’ll never be summer again, so eight nights in 27 degree heat in March? Yes please. I am so pleased with my past self for having the foresight to book a holiday 10 months in advance that I can almost forget that I need to get into bikini shape soon. That’s the only slight cloud on the otherwise sunny Mexican horizon. Bring it on.

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