The Miracle Workers | Three Haircare Heroes


Whilst the benefits of winter include hot chocolates, snuggling up to keep warm with a loved one and the excuse to wear bed socks ALL THE TIME, with it also comes central heating, constant blowdrying and static electricity causing fly-aways and frizz galore. Great.  My hair is quite fine, so I’m more prone to fly-aways than most, but having recently indulged in balayage highlights on my locks as well, this means having to tread much more carefully in the styling department. Recently I’ve been turning to three products in my arsenal to help battle the fight against frizz and damage. DSC_0056

I’ve been using an old favourite, Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer to give my tresses some serious lovin’ once a week. I’ve found the best way to use this product is to apply whilst indulging in a Sunday afternoon bath. Pop on a bath cap (sexy) and let it work its magic for 20 minutes or so. This stuff is a little pricey (a tub this size costs about £28) but it’s a true miracle worker. It works as pre-shampoo treatment to deliver bounce and elasticity back to your hair. Healthy hair is supposed to stretch (not snap), when wet and this product has definitely given me a boost. I’ve been using it religiously over the past three months and there’s definitely been an increase in the quality of my hair overall, and a noticeable difference when my hair is wet and I’ve been tugging through with the comb.

Hot Shots 4 Blonde

My other miracle worker to use in the tub is Hot Shots 4 Blondes from Lee Stafford. Full disclosure, I hate the packaging and it made me a little ill to write ‘4 Blondes’ but looking past those points I really do love this product. It’s described as a self-heating purple shampoo treatment to rid your hair of brassiness. Now, I wouldn’t exactly call myself a blonde but with bayalage highlights has come a hint of brassiness, so I use this product whenever I want to get a more ash tone overall. It’s designed to be used after your shampoo and as a pre-conditioner treatment, and I’ve definitely found it has given my hair more moisture as well which is a bonus. One other tiny thing, I’m not mad on the fragrance but if you follow this up with a nicely scented conditioner it shouldn’t hang around on your hair. Dove Oxygen

My final hero is the Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray. As I mentioned, I’ve got fine hair, with a tendency to go completely flat even after a frantic blow-drying session. This stuff is just brilliant for boosting your hair’s natural volume without making it dry and crunchy. I usually spray 8-10 pumps of this around my roots when my hair is towel dry and then blow-dry my hair with a big round brush. This combination is fantastic for giving you soft and easy volume without giving you crazy, big, ‘going out-out’ hair. So that’s my top three products on the rota right now. What are your hair heroes for winter? Have you tried any of the products above, and have they worked for you? Follow me on Twitter | Follow me on Instagram | Follow me on Bloglovin

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