The Month That Was…


February was a pretty grim month. Amongst other things, my lovely grandma has been in and out of hospital with broken bones, my boyfriend came down with flu and poor little Miss Mog got hit by a car and ended up with a fractured jaw. She’s okay folks – I can’t say the same for my mother’s bank balance after seeing how much a feeding tube for a cat costs – but Mog will live to bite another day.

Still, we’re into March now, and whilst the grey skies are continuously lurking and it’s still freezing outside, I’m trying to think positively and focus on the good things in life. This is my solution – a look-back at the good bits from February.

  1. Brunch at Balthazar

I’ve wanted to go here for ages and it didn’t disappoint. After gawking at the wine list (£1300 for a bottle of champagne…), we both settled on a cocktail each and some brunch. I had scrambled eggs with Dorset crab on sourdough, which was simple, beautifully put together and delicious. The boy opted for Eggs Benedict, which I stole a mouthful of and can confirm was divine.

  1. Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope in Entourage.

God, this shade is a beauty. I spied it first on my lovely friend Carrie and just had to buy it. It’s a rich wine colour which dramatically glams up your look whilst simultaneously moisturizing your lips. It has a nice peppermint taste as well. It’s ruinously expensive for a lipstick though but I think I have expensive tastes…

  1. Gorgeous red roses for Valentine’s

Ugh. Smug alert – so I’ll keep this short, but just to say that he made a great choice and what girl doesn’t like roses?

  1. Stella Newman’s The Dish

I’ve read Stella’s previous two books (Leftovers & Pearshaped) and fell in love with her funny and touching writing style so was thrilled to see her latest novel was released in February. Her books always contain a foodie heroine, and they name check some of my favourite places like St. John’s (custard donuts FTW). I devoured her latest novel in one sitting.

  1. Looking forward: FOUR DAYS ‘TIL MEXICO

*Second smug alert klaxon*

Without a doubt, it’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for March. I’ve just done a bit of an epic holiday shop online, which I’ll share with you all shortly. I’m also trying to cover myself in fake tan after trying on a white bikini and realising I basically look blue. The good thing is that I’m going with my incredibly pale other half who once hilariously managed to get really sunburnt…in SCOTLAND. I’m stockpiling the aftersun already…

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