Spring-ing Into Action

So it’s that time of year again and all the major retailers are clearing the rails of last winter’s dregs in order to make space for some sharp spring threads. I had a big spring clean of my wardrobe last weekend as some of my clothes were looking quite shabby and nobody really needs four identical black nylon Primark jumpers (nice I know).
I filled up three big carrier bags for the charity shop and put some of my nicer cast offs on eBay. The last time I did that I managed to raise £70 which was put towards promptly filling my wardrobe up again!
With a now fairly large gap in my wardrobe, I’m definitely looking to fill it up with some fresher pieces, new shapes and more spring-friendly colours.
I’ve laid out my wish list below:
clothes 1
PicMonkey Collage2
I made a promise to myself I’d steer clear of black. After throwing out a huge amount of black, grey and brown items of clothing, I realised I had apparently amassed the wardrobe of an 80 year old rural-living man.
I’m pretty happy with my picks above – I think there’s a good mix of fresh colours for Spring and some new styles to try out. We’ll have to see how well the eBaying goes before I hit ‘purchase’ on this lot though…

One thought on “Spring-ing Into Action

  1. I’m literally giddy for spring and keep eyeing up all the new collections coming in to the shops at the mo. I’m on a bit of a self-imposed spending ban and it’s KILLING ME! 😀 Especially now that I love that warehouse shirt dress… Sx


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