Crops and Bobbers…

…What? I did warn you there would be puns in this blog.

I’m ‘dye-ing’ (sorry) to change my hair at the moment and naturally I’ve been searching Pinterest for some hair inspiration before I get the chop.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 16.11.00

I think I want to go for a lob (long bob Mum) as I’m too scissor shy to go for a full on bob. Some of my favourite looks are Lauren Conrad’s gorgeous blunt shoulder length cut and Lucy Hale’s slightly asymmetric do. I like the idea of being able to rock a side sweeping part as well as my usual middle part so asymmetric would be great for mixing this up a bit. My natural hair texture is wavy so it would also be a nice, lazy day look for when I’ve pressed snooze far too many times…

In terms of colour I am loving having lighter hair at the moment. My hair journey has seen me having pretty much every colour under the sun, from full on blonde to raven, but I know I’m happier at the lighter end of the scale. I’m pretty pale as well so lighter hair tends to work better with my complexion, otherwise things can go a bit Morticia. 

I want to keep my current base colour of caramel and keep my light brown roots as I like the natural contrast but I might get some lighter slices in there too. My inspiration colour-wise are these picks from Pinterest (love the natural roots of Kate Mara’s colour).

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 16.15.01

My usual salon is the lovely Myla and Davis in Herne Hill as it’s now my local so I’ll probably go there. I’ve decided to get my hair done in early May as it’s my birthday at the end of May and it seems like a nice way to give myself a present…

I do chop and change a lot (pun #3) so it may end up looking nothing like any of my picks but whatever I go for, I’ll do a follow up post on my do. #HairwaytoHeaven

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