10 Facts About Me…

This June is my sixth month of blogging, and looking back, I’ve really enjoyed it. Not only has it been a great way of keeping track of some of my favourite adventures (Mexico being a particular highlight), but it’s also opened up my reading list by helping me discover other blogs and the amazing writers out there who all champion their own little corner of the internet too.

Ana from Ravishing Roses, one of my regular reads, did a great post to celebrate 700 followers by giving her readers 10 facts about her. I thought this was a nice way to connect with an audience so I’ve (gratefully) borrowed her idea to celebrate my six months of blogging:


1. Rome is easily my favourite city. I’m a bit of a history fan and it bowls me over every time I go there. I’m going back in September with my boyfriend who has never been and we’re trying to get tickets on the Scavi tour – the Roman necropolis directly underneath St. Peter’s. Bit morbid, but fascinating. I’m also a lover of pasta so there’s that too.


2. I LOVE Agatha Christie. I’ve read every single Poirot story she’s written. She also coined the term ‘the haters’ because she was a boss.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 18.18.14

3. I did my degree part-time in the evenings at Birkbeck College, University of London. It was exhausting but so, so worthwhile. I hated the idea of being a traditional student – I’m rubbish at clubbing, I wanted to earn my own money and I definitely didn’t like the thought of ending up in thousands of pounds of debt. I’d completely recommend it and I’ve even just applied to do a Masters in Marketing Communications back at Birkbeck. Fingers crossed!

4. I hate all forms of sport. I am incredibly uncoordinated and was rubbish at sports at school so I think this stems from that. Also, it has a tendency to turn perfectly sane people into bellowing loonies…

5…The one exception to this is skiing, because it includes copious amounts of post-slope wine and cheese as a matter of course. And I love cheese.


6. So much so that when I get married, I’m not having a wedding cake but instead plan to have several tiers of cheese wheels. This is something my boyfriend and I are completely together on. CHEESE FTW.

7. I have terrible eyesight. I’m desperately trying to get laser eye surgery as soon as my prescription settles down.

8. I once had a pretty brilliant job as a tour guide on a London open top bus. I’ve managed to retain about three London facts, which I usually crack out after I’ve had one too many cocktails and/or if I’m walking past Trafalgar Square.

9. My favourite swanky London place to go for cocktails is the Savoy. It’s ruinously expensive but reassuringly so. I also once met Will Smith here and recited the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap at him which I’m confident no one else has ever done.11295534_10152784251331922_1850531118878611489_n

10. I speak to my mum every day. We’ve always had a close relationship, and nobody can quite make me laugh like she does. I take after her so much my boyfriend thinks we’re probably the same person. I’m just reassured that there’s someone else out there who also thinks it’s normal to find their purse in the fridge next to cheese.

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7 thoughts on “10 Facts About Me…

  1. I really wish I’d done my degree part-time as I really struggled with the uni lifestyle which was everywhere aha, nice post I love being nosey on people’s lives aha :p
    E x


    1. I know what you mean – I was a rubbish teenager (I’ve been practically middle aged from 6 haha) so I knew the student lifestyle wasn’t for me! Thanks for the comment 🙂 x


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