Five Things This Week On My Mind

I usually like to write a round up post of the week but, aside from a lovely dinner with friends last night, it’s been a pretty quiet week on the social front so instead I thought I’d share five things on my mind this Sunday. Work has been hectic and I’ve been lax about blogging this month – but I’m determined to turn it around and I’ve got some ideas for several posts which will be going up over the next week or so.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 4.02.07 PM

1. Getting back on the diet wagon

It’s six weeks until I head off to Italy for a week of sunshine, prosecco and pasta and so I’m self-imposing a ban on alcohol & carbs. I know it sounds a bit #carbsbeforeMarbs but I want to enjoy Italian food without feeling guilty, and I also want to feel as good in a bikini as possible. I’m therefore looking forward to a courgetti filled month of August and I’m easing in by trying a few new recipes, in particular this one for courgetti carbonara by Good Housekeeping of all people.

2. Getting back into the swing of exercise

Starting this week I’m also getting back into the swing of exercise. I’m aiming on doing at least 10,000 steps a day and going back to Pilates twice a week. I did a five week stint a month or so ago and I really noticed the difference in my body. I can’t wait to get back to it, I also feel like it does wonders for my stress levels too! I head to a local studio near my house called The Shala which I’ve been loving. It’s a real gem of a find so if you live near South East London I’d totally recommend it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 3.47.48 PM

3. Event dress shopping

I’ve been idly scanning online for a nice outfit – a couple of my friends are getting married this month and I’m looking for a pretty summer dress. I’ve found a couple of gorgeous picks at Joy, which I wasn’t expecting as it’s not one of my usual shopping stops. I can’t decide to opt for this gorgeous print maxi dress (above), or this stunning yellow dress. I’m also madly keen on their Valley of the Dolls collection too. Pretty lace dresses galore.

4. Tempted by long long locks

Typical me – I have my lob (long bob Mum) for four months and I start to miss having long hair. I read the lovely Hayley’s post on Kapello hair extensions on her blog and now I’m seriously tempted. I’m going to a local salon next weekend for a consultation and we’ll see if I cave. I’m also thinking about growing my roots out a bit and smudging the colour for more of a natural, ombre look. I know, I know “ombre is dead”, but root maintenance is a pain and I’m a low maintenance girl at heart (hiding behind a massively high maintenance princess).

5. Planning our Italian adventure

I’m writing a separate post on how we planned our Italian adventure, but the short story is that we’re visiting Rome and the Amalfi coast for a week in September and I just can’t wait. We’ll fly into and out of Rome, getting an early flight there on the Sunday and straightaway taking the train to Sorrento, where we’ll use as a base for three nights to explore the Amalfi coast and Pompeii. We’re then heading back towards Rome, staying in Naples for one night along the way to try some seriously epic pizza. Our trip then culminates in a three night stay in Rome which is pretty much my favourite place in the whole world. My boyfriend has never been and I can’t wait to show him around.

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