Five Things On My Mind This Week

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Five Things On My Mind This Week:

I switched to doing a Five Things post rather than a weekly round up because frankly when you’re trying not to eat carbs or drink wine there’s only so many photos of courgetti you can take before you start looking like a diet bore.

Not so Ace of Base:

When I first reviewed the new Laura Mercier Silk Cream Moisturising Photo Edition I was head over heels with it. It blended really well, the colour match was perfect and it lasted over eight hours. I’m not too sure if it’s a teething problem with the formula or something but now I’m six weeks in, every time I go to pick it up it requires some serious shaking. Otherwise, things get a little bit watery. I have a feeling it’s to do with the ‘moisturising’ promise but it’s certainly made me pause for thought before automatically repurchasing. My skin has been great recently though so I’m trying to opt for lighter bases to take advantage of this. My eyes are on the Pixi H20 Skin Tint so watch this space…

A Hair Update

So I caved and I’m getting hair extensions! I’ll do a full review of the process – it’s actually the third time I’ve had them before and it’s a completely new method for me so it’ll be good to see how they measure up to past experiences. As you can see from the above photos when I’ve had long hair before it’s always been as a brunette – I haven’t had long blonde hair since I was about six.

I’m getting them done in a couple of weeks as I need my roots doing beforehand and I want to stretch out the amount of time between salon visits as much as possible, and I also want my colour to look fresh for my holiday at the start of September.

 Food Glorious Food:

Yup, we’re into August and I’m in the swing of a health kick. I’ve stocked up on courgettes for platefuls of courgetti, I’ve prepped some cauliflower ‘rice’ to freeze for an easy mid-week stir-fry and I’ve said so long to wine for the time being. It’s no fun being on a diet but I’ve only got five weeks before Italy and I intend on looking damn good in a bikini. Even if I have to dream of pasta between now and then.

 The Eyes Have It

I have terrible, terrible eyesight. I didn’t get contacts until I was about 15 so I spent the ages of 11-14 getting routinely hit in the face during sports as I either wasn’t allowed to wear glasses (health and safely HA!) or I hated my glasses and just didn’t’ bother. My mum has massive guilt over this, being blessed with perfect eyesight, so often spends time frantically googling ‘laser eye surgery’ and sending me links. She’s a bit worried that left to my own devices I’d go to a dodgy clinic offering one of those “Two Eyes for £500!” deals, which is probably fair, so has decided to frogmarch me to Moorfiels for a consultation. I’m more than happy to be the family guinea pig (my brother also has terrible eyes) so I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed I’m a suitable candidate. It’d be a novelty to wake up and just see.

New Season Fashion:

Yes I know we’re only just into August and I do find it a little ridiculous that the latest email drops are all talking about the must-have new season pieces. However, autumn is by far my favourite season and I always have time to swoon over new boots so I’m keeping one eye on the sunshine outside, and another sneakily browsing coats and layers and getting excited over scarves again.

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