Going from Brown to Blonde…

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As a child I had dark blonde hair that went a sandy blonde in summer, but which then darkened to a murky brown as soon as I hit my teens. Since then, I’ve had my hair a glossy chestnut brown, a very dark brown/bordering on black, dodgy stripy highlights and have even toyed with red, which was inspired by a break up that resulted in the slightly cliched and tearful “Just make me look different” plea to my poor hairdresser. I’ve actually changed my hair so much now that, at the grand old age of 25, I wasn’t quite sure what my natural hair colour was.

I have pale skin, brown eyes and very dark eyelashes. I look very, very much like my mum who when she was my age had naturally dark hair (almost black), so I just assumed I was naturally very dark as well. So, imagine my surprise when earlier in the year when I first tentatively went lighter, my hairdresser remarked that in actual fact my roots were a dark blonde.

I have Myla and Davis to thank for my colour change this year. I first started out with ombre, being wary of that very obvious home dip dye that so many girls had been rocking and so headed to their Herne Hill salon in an attempt to have proper, grown up colour. I quickly became hooked on being blonde, and went back to take the colour up to my roots.

I love being a blonde – suddenly I don’t have to wear quite so much make up in an attempt to make my skin look less ghostly. I have been blonde before, but I unwisely had an all-over bleach which looked a bit (as my gran kept saying) cheap. That, and the fact that my roots took just a week before making their presence known.

I’ve had my colour done by Elle who has been just brilliant. She gave me very fine highlights which meant re-growth has been incredibly subtle. And because of this, it means I can go a good 6-8 weeks without needing to return and my hair is in surprisingly good condition. I’m approaching the nine week mark right now so my roots are loud and proud, but I’m getting my hair extended at the weekend (!) so I’ve been trying to wait as long as possible before going back so my colour will be good for the number of social events I’ve got coming up.

Lifesaver products you should probably invest in as a blonde: purple or silver shampoo (Bleach London do a great one), a serious leave-in conditioner, and preferably a hardcore conditioning treatment. I’ve been a Phillip Kingsley fan since I was thirteen and had a traumatic hair experience after having encephalitis. His products quite simply brought my hair back to life so I will always be a lifelong advocate of his. Elasticizer is pricy, but seriously worth it. Make it a twice monthly treatment and your hair will thank you.

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