Goodbye August & September Goals


Well August was a busy old month, and a disappointing one – in terms of weather (damn you British “summer”) and blogging. Things got a little busy so naturally blogging had to take a back seat. I also travelled quite a bit – above is a picture from Lake Geneva where I was for work. I made sure to take 10 minutes to actually take some time to appreciate it as it’s such a beautiful place, and so serene.

BUT I’m back and we’re now into the lovely month of September. A new month, and a new start. And I have so many fun things planned for this month! My main goal is of course to start blogging more. I have really missed writing, and my plans for this month involve going out more so hopefully I’ll actually have more to write about…

The main thing on the horizon is our trip tomorrow morning, at an almost ungodly hour, to Italy! I cannot wait – it’s been two and half years since my last visit and I’ve been getting itchy feet to travel back. We’re headed first to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, and then onto Naples and Rome. You can read all about the logistics here, and I’ll do an update post on our trip when I get back. In honour of our trip I’ve painted my nails in a suitably appropriate colour: “Nights in Napoli”.

I’m also planning a bit of a spruce up for the flat this month. We had a leak in our bathroom (another sorry excuse for not blogging) and it’s given me a reason to re-paint our hallway and think about getting rid of the horrible carpet leftover from the previous owners. Seriously, anyone thinking about getting a cream carpet, DON’T. I’m looking into walnut wooden flooring, and some statement Victorian tiles in the kitchen. I’m also thinking about painting the hallway a soft grey, and adding a mirror to make the most of the space. Inspiration is definitely coming from Kate’s blog – the woman is a decorating machine.

One highlight from August was seeing our friends Simon and Sarah get married in Devon. I used to work with Simon, and it was so lovely seeing him and Sarah say their vows in a gorgeous venue a little way outside Exeter. The ceremony was beautiful and very true to how they are as a couple – plus they threw a hell of a party afterwards! One of the pictures in the collage above shows me and my boyfriend after more than a few gin and tonics (and some very bad dancing)!

Speaking of weddings, we’re off to Santorini in Greece for my boyfriend’s friend’s wedding at the start of October. I’m planning another post on the travel logistics so expect that sometime next week. And yes, I am using this as a chance to use my ‘Things Can Only Get Feta’ pun as a headline…

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