Haircare hero: Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Hair Healer Leave in Conditioner


My hair has been through a lot this past year. My flirtation with ombre back in January led me to go full on blonde for my birthday in May, which I’ve kept up with a half head of highlights ever since. I’m now thinking of going back to ombre, with a root stretch and a slightly darker blonde on my ends to keep it a bit more manageable for winter. With all these color changes it’s especially important to take care of my hair – particularly now as I’m growing out my lob (long bob Mum).

So, enter my new favourite addition to my daily hair care routine, and it’s a drugstore dream. It’s from the Moisture Seal range by Charles Worthington – I also purchased the shampoo but that’s nothing to write home about – and the Hair Healer leave in conditioner is just perfect if you have bleached or damaged hair. I found it detangles my hair post-shower perfectly, and I’ve really noticed a big improvement in how soft my hair feels.

The consistency is a little odd though. Halfway between a cream and a gel, it feels a little bit strange on your fingers but disappears really well into the hair once it’s been applied. I find it also helps with frizz if the weather outside is, well, typical English weather…

I like to apply it after shampooing my hair and conditioning as usual. I use quite a lightweight conditioner anyway so if I’m looking to give my hair extra protection from heat or the elements I opt for this as an extra step. It works best on towel-dried or damp hair, and I usually take a 10p sized piece of the product and work it into the lengths of my hair. Then carry on and style your hair as you would normally – the product should disappear into your hair without leaving any sticky bits behind.

You can grab this and the rest of the Charles Worthington range in Boots – like I said, the shampoo was nothing to write home about personally, but the entire range is really affordable so if you’re looking to give your hair a little bit of extra TLC I think it’s well worth it.

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