What to Wear to a Greek Island Wedding?

On Friday I’m heading to the Greek island of Santorini. One of my boyfriend’s oldest friends from school is getting married, and they’re opting for an early October wedding to make the most of the late summer sun.

Having had a quick gander at the weather (26 degrees!) I suddenly panicked as I realised I had nothing warm weather appropriate. I’ve never attended an overseas wedding before, and certainly not in anything approaching 26 degrees.

With only two days before the wedding and with no time to go shopping, I did the online equivalent of a trolley dash around ASOS and came up with three beauties as options. Whilst I won’t keep all of them I might opt to keep two so I have one as a back up – just in case!


The hard part will be picking which dress to send back! The first option is a stunning bandeau ASOS maxi dress. I opted for burgundy as nude dresses tend to wash me out and I felt navy was a little too wintery for 25 degrees and sunshine. I can add a lace kimono over the top to keep it church appropriate, and I would probably team it with nude heels for ease.


The next option is this gorgeous ASOS Wedding tea dress. I love the neckline on this dress and think it’s really flattering, and the fluttery sleeves look really flattering. I think this will probably be the most comfortable option too. Perfect for a long day of dancing, dinner and drinks!


The final option is a bit of a show stopper: this amazing maxi dress in red. With a fishtail hem, and cut close to the body, this is probably the most glamorous of the three. It might not be 100% comfortable for a full day in the Greek sun (and with a meal!), but I could seriously see myself wearing this for the family & friends dinner the happy couple are hosting the night before the wedding. If I can get away with not wearing heels I could see these Aldo sandals or these lovely woven tan ballet flats pairing beautifully with this dress.

Choices, choices. Let me know your favorites in the comments!

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