Greek Island Dreaming: the Wedding of Alexis & Romin


Last week we packed our bags and hopped off to sunny Santorini for the wedding of Alexis and Romin. Jonny, my boyfriend, has known Romin since he was a boy at school, and we were so excited to see him marry Alexis in the most stunning of settings.

Top tip up front for you couples out there – always book your flights together. As we discovered when we rocked up at the airport at 4.30am to find Jonny had been bumped from the flight as we’d booked separately. What followed was an agonising two-hour wait to find out if anyone who was booked on the flight wouldn’t turn up. Thankfully, the (Greek) gods were smiling on us and we were rushed through security just in time to make our flight.

second pic

However, our travel stresses were quickly forgotten as we arrived in Santorini. We stayed a little out of the way, near the archaeological site of Akrotiri, in a hotel/apartment complex named Apanemo. I’d recommend the hotel in a heartbeat. Run by the very friendly Spiros and family, beautifully decorated, and with a view to die for…


The wedding itself was on the Saturday, the day after we’d arrived. A traditional Greek ceremony, held in the utterly incredible cathedral perched up high in Fira, the capital of Santorini.


Alexis arrived in truly traditional style: on the back of a donkey to the sound of Greek music, clapping and cheering. She looked completely stunning and certainly more at home than I think I’d be in her place! Jonny and I went for a donkey ride the next day and our transport certainly wasn’t as well behaved as Alexis’s!


After a Greek Orthodox ceremony at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santorini, Romin and Alexis were pronounced husband and wife, much to the cheers of the wedding party and the mesmerised crowd of tourists who’d gathered outside the church. The bride and groom had certainly timed the day well – their first entrance as husband and wife was to a backdrop of an amazing Santorini sunset.

sunsetweddingThe beautiful bride & groom!


[You’ll see I went for this ASOS dress, from my previous post all about it here…]

Following on from the photos, the bride and groom departed, and the wedding party followed on to the reception venue. This was a genuine jaw dropper. Over 1,000 candles created an overwhelmingly romantic atmosphere and the detail that had gone into every piece of the décor was evident.


Now, given the open bar situation, it’s understandable that my photos after this point went a bit haywire… But believe me when I say it was truly a gorgeous wedding, full of love and emotion. Alexis & Romin, we wish you a lifetime filled with happiness – and thanks for throwing such a fabulous party. Opa!

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9 thoughts on “Greek Island Dreaming: the Wedding of Alexis & Romin

  1. This is AMAZING Charlotte!!! You are simply amazing!!! Thank you SO much for blogging our wedding 🙂 I am going to print this and save it in my wedding keepsake box!! xxxx

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