A Little Life Update: The Home Edition


After doing quite a lot of traveling over the past two months (see some of my Italy posts here and here, and my post on a gorgeous Greek wedding here), it’s been almost a bit of a relief to be at home for a little while.

Don’t get me wrong I still love traveling, but especially during this time of year there’s something so comforting about curling up at home, going for weekend walks through the autumn leaves and spending these ever darkening evenings in front of a lovely warm pub fire (ahem).

I’m a little while away from enjoying this at home however, as we’re currently half way through #PinterestFlatMakeOver2015 (yes, I made up my own home decorating hashtag). As I type we have no floor or wall tiles in our kitchen, a seriously dusty living room, and a hallway wall covered in paint sample swatches.

A recap on what we’re having done:

The kitchen is having the most work done and is getting gorgeous new terracotta kitchen floor tiles to replace the black and white vinyl tiles I thought would be a good idea three years ago… We’re also replacing the horrible old wall tiles with lovely metro wall tiles in duck egg blue. We’re also replacing the very tired looking kitchen worktop and getting a new shiny sink in there too. We’ll have a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling as well to finish the room off.

Our bathroom is having only a tiny tidy up – a new coat of paint on the ceiling, and a fix to some broken white metro tiles that the plumber broke getting in to fix a leak.

The living room, hallway, spare bedroom and master bedroom are having walnut wooden floors installed. This is what I’m most excited about. When I moved in, the previous owner had used really cheap, horribly beige carpet, which despite steam cleaning regularly got very dirty, very fast. It was a happy day when the builder ripped it all up! We’re also having our hallway painted a medium grey shade.

It’s so lovely to watch it all come together, despite the disruption and the fact that our house seems permanently covered in sawdust. I’ve been taking reassuring glances at my Pinterest board to remind myself that the work will be over in just three more short days and I’ll have a newly decorated, hopefully gorgeous flat to live in. I can’t wait to do a home tour soon!

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