Life Lately: Paris


As I write this, we’re coming to the end of a gloomy Sunday, the close of a particularly depressing weekend. Friday night saw the horrific events in Paris unfold: I was out having drinks with friends when we saw the news filter in via alerts on our phones from BBC News. Shock turned to disbelief, which in turn became horror as it became apparent it wasn’t a mistake of reporting.

There isn’t much I can say that hasn’t already been written, but as any big city dweller will tell you, we all felt a kindred sense of loss and pain for Paris that night. I’ve been to Paris lots of times; sometimes for work, sometimes for leisure and sometimes as a stopping point to another destination. I’m not particularly religious but I prayed nonetheless for the victims, lighting candles as I did.

This is my first blog post in a while, after the upheaval of home repairs and a particularly busy work schedule collided, meaning my spare hours were spent collapsed on the sofa in front of Catastrophe with my other half. I didn’t mean this post to be on such a melancholy subject but it felt wrong to write a post about life lately without mentioning the events of this weekend. I have a separate post in mind about exciting things coming up, which I’m keeping as a Reasons to be Cheerful post, but tonight, I think this is all I can say.

The French embassy is in Knightsbridge, very close to my work, so I think tomorrow I’ll go lay some flowers out of respect.

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